How to wash a bra

Using a mesh garment bag and clasping the bra before running it through the wash.

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Submerge your bra in the water and gently smoosh the cups up and down a few times to get them good and saturated.

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This is how I have done the wash for all of my life, or since my.Sadly, if you don't know how to wash your bra properly, it can result in a completely destroyed bra...Although most lingerie contains fibers that stretch and can lose elasticity over time, the right laundry care can keep them looking fresh and fitting properly longer.How you wash your bra.

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Hook the bra before you put it in the bag to prevent it from snagging on other garments.

Easy DIY lingerie wash bag {To wash bras safely in the

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Underwear, specifically bras and panties, are in desperate need of attention after each and every use.

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This is especially true when it comes to your workout clothes, and while your sweat-wicking tanks can probably survive a few laundry mishaps, your sports bras are less resilient and need to be treated with care if you want them to last.Making sure you wash it and care for it properly, according to the instructors on the label is important.

Step 1: Fill sink with warm water and soap Fill your sink with lukewarm water and add a capful of mild detergent.

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The most used and most washed articles of clothing are undergarments.

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As you know, bras, panties, legwear and shapewear can be a costly investment and you want them to last as long as possible.

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When it comes to your most delicate items, the more gentle the laundering technique, the better.

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I wash my sports bra after every workout, especially those sweaty spin classes.

There are commercial soaps made for delicates, but you can easily make your own.You need clean underwear in your wardrobe at all times ofcourse and if you are the kind who find hand washing clothes a pain, washing them in the washing machine is the only option.Every bra-wearing person has most likely experienced the complete and utter destruction that comes from throwing a bra in the dryer.

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Hand washing helps bras last longer, which helps keep you looking fabulous longer.

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The bag will keep the bra from stretching or getting snagged on other clothing in the wash.Mary Begovic Johnson, a senior scientific communications manager of Procter and Gamble, notes that a woman should not wear her bra more than three to five days without washing.Give it a few solid spins, and then dump out the soapy water.On the other hand, everyday t-shirt bras make a regular rotation in my wardrobe.

Once upon a time (OK, two weeks ago), I threw my lace underwear, padded t-shirt bras, and bralettes in with the rest of my laundry.In that case, you can try hand-washing your bras or running them on a gentler cycle through your washing machine.

3 Tips: How To Properly Wash and Care For a Maternity Bra

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